Tuesday practice, National Qualifier information; venue changed to Hooked on Fencing.

National Qualifier Update

The AskFRED page for the National Qualifier has been officially updated with the new times and the new venue, Hooked on Fencing. You can view the new information and sign up for the event here. Since we are hosting this event, Hooked on Fencing will be closed on Saturday 4/5.

Tuesday Night Training

Starting on April 15th, we will be holding 10 weeks of intensive Tuesday night practices leading up to the National Championships, involving speed and agility training, endurance and strength training, and situational competitive fencing and footwork drills. These practice will be from 6:30-8:30. The cost of this 10-week program is $100. These practices are only open to those fencers who have qualified for the National Championships. If you want to do well this summer, the time to start training is NOW, not 2 weeks before the event!

These practices are designed to supplement, not replace, regular practice. If you come on Tuesday instead of your regular days, this defeats the purpose. Success takes dedication; we can't expect to fence for just a couple hours a week and be champions!

You can pay at the club or through PayPal here.

High School State Championships

Congratulations to Stephen Kimatian for winning the men's High School State Champs, and also to Erika Lee for her third place finish in the women's event, earning her "E" rating! It was good to see quite a few Hof fencers fence in the event. This is the 8th year in a row that a HoF fencer has brought home the title; let's hope there will be more to come!

Classes Starting Soon

New beginner classes are starting soon! The youth class begins on Saturday, May 3rd, and the adult class begins on Sunday, May 4th. As always, you are our best advertising. Spread the word, and share our classes on facebook!

March Madness Squares

Only 8 March Madness Squares remaining! Buy them here.

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