Floor Renovation

We have a very ambitious renovation project planned for this summer repairing and updating our fencing floor. Some bits of the floor are sagging or falling apart, and this renovation will prevent that trend from continuing. In the next few days, you will be receiving a letter in the mail explaining the project in more detail, and requesting a donation.   Read More!

Private lessons are the fastest, easiest, and best way to learn to fence.

You can jump right into fencing with our introductory package! For $200, this package includes 6 individual lessons, free use of all club equipment, and one month of membership after the lessons end (a $300 total value). You can start immediately, at a time that fits your busy schedule, and the best part is that individual lessons are completely tailored to you. One of our experienced coaches will work with you to develop fencing skills and a style that suits your ability and your personality. This is the ideal way to learn the sport!

The six lessons are for first time fencers and are designed to be fun, educational, and provide a relaxed environment where you can learn this great sport.

You can Sign up now! and email us, stop by or call us to schedule your lessons.