Whether you've come to the sport of fencing for exercise, recreation, or with aspirations of national and international glory, we want to help you be successful! Whatever your goals may be, it all starts with the basics.

Our goal is to make fencing as accessible as possible. We want new members to start fencing as soon as possible, because that's the fun part. At the same time, a firm grip on the fundamentals makes any sport more enjoyable, and fencing is no exception.

After completing either a beginner class or a series of private lessons, you can sign up as a club member. If you already have experience fencing, this is also the option for you. Go to the club membership page for more information.

If your child is 6-8 years old, check out our Buccaneers group.

Group Classes

If you enjoy trying new things in a more social setting, alongside other newcomers to the sport, our beginner classes are for you! Our classes are designed for new fencers to learn the basics, get a good workout, and just have a fun time. All equipment for the classes is provided. We offer beginner classes for both youth fencers and adults. Learn More!

Private Lessons

Want to jump right into fencing? Try our introductory package! For $150, this package includes 6 individual lessons & free use of all club equipment. You can start immediately, at a time that fits your busy schedule, and the best part is that individual lessons are completely tailored to you. One of our experienced coaches will work with you to develop fencing skills and a style that suits your ability and your personality. This is the ideal way to learn the sport! Learn More!

Club Membership

Club membership is for those who wish to continue to fence beyond beginner classes or lessons. Private lessons and use of club equipment is included for free in the membership fee. Learn More!


Our Buccaneers group is designed for kids ages 6-8 who are interested in the exciting sport of fencing. Students will be introduced to fencing technique in a fun and friendly environment through drills, games, and lessons from experienced coaches. While the group stresses the importance of learning good fencing fundamentals, the main goal is being active and having fun! Our energetic coaches understand that sports are most rewarding when you love what you do, and we aim to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for new students to fall in love with the sport of fencing! The other great thing about our Buccaneers group is that your rate will never be raised for as long as you continue to fence. Learn More!

Introductory Classes

Our 90 minutes introductory group class is for first-time fencers who are looking to have a great time trying something new. You'll be learning alongside other newcomers to the sport in a comfortable and fun environment. Learn More!