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Happy holidays from Hooked on Fencing! We're excited to share some highlights from 2018 as we celebrate our 18th year in existence. This year we hosted camps and classes, held our 5th annual Club Championships, and introduced athletes of all ages to the sport of fencing. Throughout the year we've enjoyed our new fencing floor that was constructed last summer, thanks in large part to your support!

A number of our fencers achieved competitive success this year. 2018 saw 23 HoF fencers compete in National tournaments, with Lauryn DeLuca, Michelle Schultz, and Amanda Provance all earning spots on the podium, bringing HoF's National medal count into the 80s. The ladies were dominant at the High School level as well, sweeping the HS State Championships as Amanda Provance took home the title. On the men's side, Nathan Lazich became the new HS State Champion, extending the HoF boys' winning streak to 12 years. Our younger fencers had a good year as well, earning valuable experience and winning several Regional Youth Circuit events. Many of our fencers earned new competitive ratings this year, and many of our fencers' careers are just getting started.

While our fencers have a lot to be proud of, every good competitor knows the importance of not becoming complacent, and we don't want to be complacent as a club either. As we look to 2019, our sights are set high. As always, our two main goals as a club are to share a passion for the sport with as many new fencers as possible, and to give our fencers the very best tools to learn, grow, and succeed. To pursue these goals, we need your help. The first way you can help is by being a missionary for the sport. Hooked on Fencing offers classes, demonstrations, and introductory lessons, but the best way to reach new fencers has always been by personal connections. This year, make it a mission to share this awesome sport with someone you know, and they too can become hooked on fencing!

The second way you can make a difference is through financial contribution. A fencing club of this size is no small operation, and this year Hooked on Fencing could really use your support. Your contribution has a very real and direct impact on allowing us to provide a fencing home for this community of athletes and parents. With the help of your generous support, we can continue to share the sport we love and empower the next generation of fencers. As always, your donation is tax deductible, and truly means the world to everyone here at Hooked on Fencing. Thank you so much for your support, and for being a part of this incredible fencing community.

Best Regards,

Walt Dragonetti, President

Nick Arlington, Coach

Johnny Ana, Manager, Coach