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Happy holidays, and thank you all for joining Hooked on Fencing on a journey that has now lasted 16 years. When HoF was founded in 2001, few could have imagined that this club would achieve so much and reach so many. Hundreds of fencers and families have come through our doors, and if you are receiving this letter, you are one of them. This journey, and our mission of inspiring a generation of future fencers, would not be possible without all of you.

Competitively, our year had several highlights. Lauryn DeLuca represented Hooked on Fencing and the United States at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, after qualifying by winning the American Regional Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Harrison Kimatian won the High School State Championship, extending HoF's winning streak to 10 years, and after medaling at the Junior Olympics and the Milwaukee NAC, is currently the 9th ranked Cadet fencer in the nation. Zane Steiber began fencing for the Ohio State University. Jacob Henkels earned his A ranking by placing 2nd at the Cherry Blossom ROC, received HoF's 4th-ever Knight of the Black and Blue Award, and began his college fencing career at the University of North Carolina.

These are extraordinary achievements, but competitive results are not our only metric for success. This year, dozens of new fencers experienced the excitement and joy of fencing for the first time. Our two summer camps were well-attended. We hosted movie nights, Cedar Point trips, demonstrations, classes, community outreach, Club Championships and our 11th annual Iron Knight tournament. Many of our fencers entered competition for the first time, and individual stories of personal growth and success are too numerous to list.

As Hooked on Fencing has grown, we have reached more and more new fencers, but our costs have grown as well. This year especially, HoF could use your assistance as we maintain our increasing overhead expenses. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have always relied on the generous support of our fencing family to help Hooked on Fencing remain affordable and accessible for all. Your donation to the club is tax deductible, and will help HoF continue to provide a fantastic fencing venue for northern Ohio. Thank you for your support, and for continuing with us on this remarkable journey.

Fencing – a lifelong sport, and a sport of a lifetime

Hug a Loved One

Walt Dragonetti, President

Nick Arlington, Coach