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Hooked on Fencing is the premier Epee club in the Great Lakes area. The club is home to many fencers who hold a number of local, state, and even national titles. Though there is a competitive spirit at HoF, the main goal is to have fun and be fit. We believe in supporting an active and healthy lifestyle through involvement in the well-loved and fast-growing sport of fencing. Hooked on Fencing is a 501(3) c nonprofit organization with a simple mission to get people “hooked” on fencing.

We have developed a method of training that is designed to slowly work new students into the lifestyle of the fencing club. This program includes private instruction from one of our coaches who will guide you through the footwork and bladework and into actual fencing in the club environment. New students will be instructed on an individual basis prior to being given opportunities to train with more experienced club members. In this way, the maximum amount of attention can be given to each novice, and the fundamentals can be stressed and reinforced to provide the best possible foundation for later learning. As progress is made, the coach will then recommend additional days and times of attendance so that the new student can fully integrate into the Hooked on Fencing community. During this process, you will set up lessons from one of our coaches by appointment, anytime Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.

We have a wide range of members. Some are highly competitive and have achieved prestigious titles, others come for the social interaction with their friends, and others are training to stay in shape, and simply become better fencers. With such diversity in experience and goals, many different skill levels emerge. Hooked on Fencing has members who will grow with you as equal sparring partners, and others will be members who can teach you new tricks and techniques, both widening your knowledge of the sport as well as becoming close friends.

We accept students from ages 6-99.

Yes and no. As you begin your fencing journey, the club provides all the necessary equipment you will need to practice. The only items you will need to provide are athletic pants, t-shirts, and good athletic shoes. However, after 3 months it is time that fencers should begin to slowly acquire their own personal fencing attire.

We are open 4 days a week, with occasional exceptions on holidays. Member can come as often as they like! For more information please see our schedule

We have different memberships for different ages, please see our getting started page.

If you're worried about being sliced in half, relax! While fencing is based on the tradition of dueling, the swords used in modern sport fencing do not have sharp points, and the protective gear is extremely safe. Fencing is still a sport, however, and as with all sports, some risk for occasional injury exists. Usually these injuries are pretty minor (sprains, muscle pulls, etc.) and the more you practice good habits at the club, the lower the chance of injury. In a study of sport injuries performed at the 2008 Olympics, fencing ranked as one of the safest sports. Only 5 Olympic sports had a lower injury rate: diving, synchronized swimming, rowing, kayak, and sailing. How's that for safety?

For the most part, no. The fencing blade is designed to bend on impact, which absorbs most of the force of the blow. Most hits therefore tend to be quite light. Fencing is a finesse sport that values quickness and dexterity over brute strength, so your opponents are not trying to hit you as hard as they can. While you might receive the occasional bruise from a solid hit, you often will not even feel it while your adrenaline is pumping. The good news for younger fencers is that most kids cannot deliver the same kind of force as adult fencers, so they won't get hit as hard!

We are able to thrive because of its members constant support and help at the club. Please visit How You Can Help for more information.

If you have decided that Hooked on Fencing is something you would like to continue with, there are only a few steps you must complete before you begin at the club. First, sign up online or at the club with your first month's membership. Second, fill out emergency contact information form attached to the welcome packet. Third, contact a coach for your next appointment, or if you already have an appointment, we’ll see you soon!.