New day for the Buccaneers and National registration deadline reminder

Schedule Changes to Buccaneers

Starting in May, we will be making two changes to the Buccaneers schedule. First, we will now hold the Buccaneers class on Thursday, in addition to the other days. Second, the Saturday Buccaneers class will be moved from 9:30am to 10:00am. On Saturdays, there will be some integration with the older class, in order to give our Buccaneers more experience!

National Registration Deadline

The deadline to register for the National Championships is on the horizon! May 19th is the last day to register without having to pay extortionate late fees. If you're planning to sign up for Nationals, make a note of the deadline or do it now before you forget! You can sign up for Nationals here.

Upcoming Tournaments

Whether you are preparing for Nationals, or just looking to improve your skills and gain fencing experience, all of our competitive members should be going to as many tournaments as possible. At tournaments we can improve skills that are impossible to practice at the club, such as adapting to opponents you have never fenced before, or fencing well under pressure. That being said, there are two tournaments coming up this month--one at Kent State on the 26th that can be found here, and one at Oberlin College on the 27th that can be found here. These are open tournaments, so you must have been at least 13 as of last January 1st. I would encourage all of our competitive fencers to sign up!

Beginner Classes

There are still spots available for our Beginner Classes beginning on May 3rd and 4th. Do you have any nieces or nephews, cousins or co-workers who might be interested in fencing? Get the word out!

Tuesday Training

Tuesday Training begins this week, April 15th, from 6:30-8:30. If you are planning to fence at the National Championships, you are eligible to participate in Tuesday Training. The cost for 10 weeks is $100, sign up here or pay at the club.

Iron Knight

Hooked on Fencing will be hosting our annual Iron Knight Tournament on June 15th. The Iron Knight is a great endurance tournament with a fence-everyone-present format. Lately, however, attendance at HoF Tournaments has been poor. If we don't register for our own tournaments, how can we expect to attract fencers from other clubs? The earlier we register, and the more people who register, the more that people from other clubs will want to come fence! So support the club (and your own fencing) and sign up!

Club Championships

One last reminder--Club Championships are coming up on May 2nd and May 4th. This competition is open to ALL HoF fencers, competitive members or not! If you fence here, you should fence in our Club Championships! There are categories for all ages, and in June the winners will receive fencing gift certificates! For the open event, check here, and for kids of all ages, sign up here.

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