National Qualifier information; venue changed to Hooked on Fencing.

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National Qualifying and Change of Venue

For those of you signed up for the National Qualifiers on April 5-6, the venue has been changed! Instead of being held at Shaker Heights, it will be held HERE, at Hooked on Fencing. There will also be some slight changes to the schedule of events. AskFRED has not yet been changed to show this, but it will be changed in the near future. Keep an eye on AskFRED for these changes. (Remember, just because the event will be here, it is still a USFA event so knickers and plastrons are required) Because we are hosting this event, regular fencing is cancelled on Saturday, April 5th! The Beginner Youth Class will be held as normal.

For those of you who have not yet signed up, here is some information you might need to know. The National Championships will be held this summer in Columbus, OH for the second year running. It doesn't get much closer than that, and I would like to see as many HoF fencers compete in as many events as possible. There is no substitute for experience, and no experience like National experience!

The National Championships will be held from June 22-July 3. Additionally, the Championships have been combined this year with a North American Cup, for a grand total of 30 distinct epee events. This can get a little confusing, so here is the breakdown of qualifying paths.

The following events have no qualification requirements: Div1, Cadet, Junior, Team Events
In order to fence in the following events, you must have already competed this season in an SYC, RYC, or ROC: Div1A, Y10, Y12, Veteran
You must qualify for Y14, DivII, or DivIII by attending the National Qualifiers on April 5-6.

The following HoF Fencers are automatic qualifiers for Y14 (they do not need to attend the National Qualifiers):
Colin Gaffney
Harry Kimatian
Scott Maurer
Meghan O'Reilly
Dagny Sacksteder

Everyone else, make sure you sign up if you intend to fence in Summer Nationals!

For more information about qualifying, national events, or to view the schedule of events for the National Championships, see this link

If you are not sure whether you should fence in the National Championships, talk to Walt, Johnny, or myself.


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