Coaching for the North American Cup in Memphis, TN.

Hi All,

The time has passed to enter the March NAC. I was hoping that we would have had more entries but the number of HoF fencers is slim.

We have 4 fencers fencing 7 individual events and 2 teams named Hooked on Fencing and 1 team not named Hooked on Fencing. (I do not know if the one team has a coach or not)

Looking at the cost to send a coach it looks like the cost will be between 85-100 per event a fencer fences in.

HoF will pay the coaching fee for the teams. Total cost for-coach trip about 800

So if your child fences in 2 events, the cost would be about 200 dollars.

If you are interested or if you are not interested in coaching at Memphis please advise ASAP. The price will rise as people say they do not want coaching so then I will need to re mail the remaining fencers the new price.

Hope this makes sense, as always HoF will not be offended if you choose not to have coaching, only offended if you choose not to answer this email.




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Phone: (440) 989-2570
Address: 4955 Oberlin Ave. Lorain, OH 44053

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