Arnold Fencing Classic, what you need to know.

Arnold Fencing Classic Open & RYC

Many are going off this next weekend to the Arnold Fencing Classic Open & RYC.

It is in the Hyatt Hotel, in the ball rooms, check the web site for more info.

Check askFRED for your close of registration times, be there 1 hour before the close of your check in time

Masks and body cords will need to be inspected by the officials and marked before the competition begins.

If you child is fencing in Youth 10, Youth 12 or Youth 14 for the first time, make sure to bring a birth certificate or other government-issued identification with a birth date on it.

New timers, a little extra time will not hurt. If you have an afternoon event and are arriving in the afternoon, ALLOW extra time, you will most likely have to park far away and walk to the venue.

Nick will be going over things with the kids and parents this week

Cell Phones, last year cell phones worked very poorly, plan on having little cell phone use.

HoF will be paying Nick's way to coach, Nick will be staying with friends and thus saving us money. In my years at HoF we have always tried, and I think have been successful in being there for our fencers first competition away from home. Because of this, there is no charge passed on to the parents for coaching. In the future such as National Champs in Columbus, we will ask parents to pay the appropriate share for the amount of fencing their child does. (more about this in future, do not think about now)

Nick will be there coaching, please remember that there will be a great deal of HoF fencers there, Nick may not be able to be there for you or your child's every minute. He will endeavor to spend as much time with each fencer as he can. Like a surgeon on the battlefield, he must help the ones that need it the most at the time. Direct elimination bouts will always take precedent over pool bouts. Less experienced fencers will need more assistance then some of our more battle hardened warriors.

I understand that there is a great deal of stress involved the first few times out, try and relax, all will be fine.

Just get there, don't let you kids forget their stuff, bring food and drink for them, relax and watch, your child has prepared and we are happy with their preparation, now we fence and see.



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